Burns Taylor


 “Your poem El Paso Outback touched me as would a painting with an economy of brush strokes that encompasses the broad spectrum of simplicity and near timelessness of the desert that is then contrasted with the dimensions of detached passage of human pursuits but then concludes with the dependent attachment to the earth.  For those humans who are receptive to this piece of the cosmos, it is really a masterpiece of work!  I like it a lot!”
-- Dr. Steve Gross 

“In the foreground, the two of them play at agates in the fading sunlight:
choosing shooters, scratching concentric circles into the vagrant dust.
Like schoolboys with boundless futures
they bowl their crystal spheres across rabbit tracks and beetle trails,
etching their identities into this land's long memory
of wagon trains and mountain lions' paths and dinosaurs and sea beasts.

And we, much older and wiser than schoolboys now,
scavenge for wood like Neanderthals
to set a fire
to warm our backs
against the sudden chill of evening.”

Excerpt from El Paso Outback
Published in Boundless Anthology by the Rio Grande International Poetry Festival, 2010

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