Burns Taylor


Main Publications

Poems have won awards and have appeared in the following publications:
Coming Into Autumn—Winner of the Edwin Dickinson Memorial Competition and published in The Braille forum, 2002

Nightscape--Slate and Stylus, winner in the National Federation of the Blind writers competition, 2009 Burns playing guitar.

El Paso Outback and Hands Like EyesBoundless Anthology, published by the Rio Grande International Poetry Festival, 2010

Essays have been published in The following magazines and books:
Shoestring Publisher—Publishers Weekly, 1982
Voting Rights for the Disabled—The Texas Observer, 1996
Introduction—Before Winter, poetry  by Clare Aguirre, 1998
Raising Canes—The Braille Forum, 2004
The First Star I See—Reading Lips and Other Ways to Overcome a Disability, 2008

“It was dark outside the window but the lights were on dimly in the
room behind me.  In the hall I could hear the older ones playing some kind of game with twos and fours and exes I didn't understand.     Then they were squabbling, "It's my turn!  No, it's mine!"  "Then I don't want to play any more," my sister said.   She and Elaine began to giggle like they were tickling each other. 

"Shut up." my brother said.  "You girls are too silly."

Then they grew quiet.  It sounded like it did when they were planning something, what they were going to do next.  The sudden stillness in the house frightened me. I was already lonesome  for my mama.  She had been gone too long. Then the floor creaked in the hallway and I turned.  I could hear whispering out there.

Suddenly, he was there in the doorway--Jimmy, my brother--with the rifle in his hands.”

Excerpt from The First Star I See
Published in Reading Lips and Other Ways to Overcome a Disability available from www.amazon.com

Screen credits earned as a contributing writer
Beyond Blindness—a one-hour documentary for PBS television, 1981   Video clip

Editorials and opinion pieces have appeared in the El Paso Times, Frontier Voice and Rio Views newspapers, 1997/1998.